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"Living with an allergy can be stressful and depressing for the whole family! We choose to avoid eating and using offending food and products totally. Just because of an allergy to an ingredient, we miss out on the joy of life." 

"Modern advances bring many conveniences to the world. However, they also change the nature of the food we eat and things we use. The choice to consume food and products that are, as far as possible, ethically- and sustainably-produced and naturally-sourced needs to be urgently considered."

This is why Allerganics aims to bring you a wholesome selection of natural and organic skincare and cosmetic products. We understand the importance of eating and living healthily and safely. Allerganics believes choosing the more natural alternative benefits health, and as importantly, helps sustain our planet Earth.

Products labelled organic and natural may NOT necessarily contain ONLY natural or organic ingredients. Hence, Allerganics scrutinises the ingredients and carefully chooses products of the highest quality and value for you. To find out if each ingredient is safe, we take reference from the US-based Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep safety database, as the database strives to determine levels of concern for cosmetic ingredients from all the data available:

Not just organic, but safe, natural and organic!

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    For delivery in Singapore, the delivery service is FREE when you order $60 and above. For purchases below $60, an $10 delivery charge will be added. Your order will be processed and sent within 3 business days once we have received your payment.


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    To enhance your shopping experience, you can simply SMS Allerganics at 93541299 to make purchases. This value-added service is only available for Singapore.


  • Sampling Appointment

    To test different make-up shades/colours that suit you most and experience the effect/texture of skincare products at our office, email us at or SMS at 93541299 for an appointment. This value-added service is available for Singapore.


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    We want to share this season's cheer with you! So Allerganics is waiving the shipping charges for all local deliveries. 

    Allerganics shall decide the mode of couriers. For any special arrangements or re-delivery, delivery charges may apply. This promotion will last for a limited period only.

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    Now, every time you shop at Allerganics, you save money on your next purchase! Every $10 you spend, you earn 1 loyalty point which entitles to a $0.50 off on your next purchase.


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