About us

"Allerganics understands how allergy outbreak can be agonizing, both for the person and the loved ones around. If we are not careful with the food we eat and the things we use, the distress can be never-ending. Eating and living safely not only means consuming allergen-free products, it also means avoiding products containing harmful chemicals found in the ingredients. Allerganics recognizes the importance of organic products as a way of life, not just a choice. That is why Allerganics wants to bring you a wholesome of allergen-free and organic food & products. We envision a safe and healthy life for you, your children and the loved ones around you...."


Our Belief

At Allerganics, we believe living healthy and safely starts with what we eat and use everyday. We sieve through what are out there and give the best to you, just like a mother to a child. We constantly search for new and safe food/products, examine the ingredients one by one before we offer them to you. You do not have to worry about what you eat and use because you know exactly what the ingredients are.


We have experienced what is good for us and now we wants to spread the goodness to you. We wants our belief to bring joy to people around us, including you. Likewise, we hope you can share the goodness to people around you, especially the ones you care.