Loyalty Rewards

Now, every time you shop at Allerganics, you save money on your next purchase!


How This Works?

Every $10 you spend --> Earns 1 loyalty point

Every 1 loyalty point --> Equals to $0.50 OFF next purchase

Your loyalty  points are credited upon the delivery of your order.


For example: $100 spent earns (10 loyalty points) $5 savings on your next purchase.


To Enjoy Rewards

  1. Before your next purchase, log in to your Allerganics account and go to “My Loyalty Points”.
  1. Click “Transform my points to a voucher”. The voucher amount can be used to offset the amount spent at the next purchase.
  1. Click on the voucher code shown at the “Shopping Cart Summary” before proceeding to make payment.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Loyalty points are awarded by rounding down the amount spent to the nearest $10.
  1. The shipping fee is not taken to account for awarding loyalty points.
  1. There is no need for a minimum purchase to receive loyalty points.
  1. Loyalty points are also earned on promotional items purchased.
  1. Loyalty points (or the converted voucher) awarded to a purchase will be cancelled if the purchase is cancelled.
  1. Loyalty points and vouchers are valid for a year, and cannot be exchanged for any cash.
  1. No minimum purchase amount is required for using the loyalty voucher.